Thank you for your interest in Little Gems Montessori Academy. Our goal is to ensure a diverse, multi-age school community dedicated to Montessori education. The admission process follows a few important steps:

1. Take a Tour

We encourage our prospective parents to visit our school while classrooms are in session. Mornings are the best time to visit. Tour gives you an insight to see the power, beauty, and effectiveness of the Montessori Method of education and what all LGMA has to offer. Click here to schedule a tour.

2. Submit a Pre-enrollment Form

Parents must fill and submit the pre-enrollment form on their visit. The form can be downloaded from here. While submitting the pre-enrollment form, please indicate your choice of the program and care you are looking for. If you do not see your desired program schedule listed, please contact our director. To secure a space for their child, parents can submit a $100 Registration Fee.

3. Schedule your Child’s Visit

After the submission of pre-enrollment form you can schedule your child’s visit to our school. One parent and child will be given the opportunity to stay and explore our Montessori environment for about an hour and interact with the teacher.

4. Complete the Enrollment Packet

Parents must complete the entire enrollment packet and submit to the admissions office with the required fee before the due date. The admission is on the first come first serve basis.