Meet Our Director

My personal journey in to the Montessori Method started in the year 1991. Fresh out of college, with an Economics major, wanted to pursue my childhood interest of becoming a teacher. I joined a Teacher training program in one of the leading schools in Chennai, India. Although, the school was following the traditional method of teaching, the director of the program had visited Montessori schools in US, and was keen to implement some of Dr. Montessori’s method of teaching to her preschool program.

This was my first introduction to the method. During the course of my training, I had opportunities to read about Maria Montessori and also visit a couple of schools in my town. My interest and curiosity to learn about the methodology continued even after I left India , to start a new life in the US. So when I came to the country , at my very first opportunity , I enrolled in a training program through the Montessori Centre International, London for teachers interested in the 3 to 6 years age group. In this program, I was learning more about Montessori’s philosophy and her method of teaching with concrete materials. I was so amazed by the method, I enrolled both my children in a Montessori school, so that they could experience what I felt was a complete education.

As the years went by I continued to read more of Montessori’s books to gain a better knowledge on her teachings. Little Gems Montessori, has given me the opportunity to pursue Dr. Montessori’s ideologies and my dream!

Sujatha Alladi